MOON MUG || Custom Birth Phase + Date

MOON MUG || Custom Birth Phase + Date


Custom Moon Mugs w/ Carved Out Birth Moon Phase
Perfect for birthday, housewarmings, Moms/Dads, anyone you want to celebrate:)

Each mug will be it's own unique and beautiful creation, featuring an artistic carving similar but not identical to the photos featured with this listing!

No two moons are the same, no two mugs are the same:)

-Submit the birth date you want featured on your MOON MUG

-Each mug features a custom artistic carving of the moon phase associated with that date

-Each mug is one-of-a-kind

-Each mug features the birth date carved onto the back of the mug

-Choose your glaze color: Orangey, Pink-a-boo, Speckled Black Iris

-Please allow 6-8 weeks per custom mug

-Sgraffito hand carved ceramic mugs, amazing gifts!

Glazes may be different than shown on your screen, these glaze choices are approximate, thank you for loving the nature of ceramics!

Each moon will be different, this is a listing for unique and artistic moons and hand carving, thank you for loving the wild nature of ceramics